Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Barn Owls 16-6-15

Had some great views of some local Barn Owls of late, a few pictures below.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Patch Update 3/5/15

Just as most of us were complaining of a poor wader passage this spring,  it seems its still on.  Four Temminck's Stints arrived on the target pools last Thursday (again curtesy of A.T) .

Still small numbers of Dunlin being seen alongside the odd Sanderling, Greenshank and Ringed Plovers moving through in double figures.

Last night Two Turnstone graced the pools, alongside a pair of Avocet.  Still chance for another goody before summer kicks in - we hope!!

one of the resident Redshank

These pheasant fledglings were good entertainment as they crossed in front of me.

Rainham Yearlist - 121 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Red-backed Shrike, Fairlop. 25/5/15

Any land locked patchworker will tell you that on the top of their want list, will be to find a stunning male red-backed shrike!   Alan Bell done that today!  Proving very elusive at first (well for 6 hours at least!) the bird finally gave itself up for all to enjoy.

Well done Alan, he has been watching this patch since the late 70's and has a number of quality finds to his name including a lifer back in the day for me, in the shape of a Hume's Warbler.

Today's Stunner!

House Martin 24/5/15

Whilst not seeing a broad-billed sand in suffolk,  Myself and Shaun had great fun taking some House matin shots,  These birds were busy collecting nesting material in Dunwich car-park.

Red-necked phalarope and Bittern were also seen at Minsmere and plenty of Dartfords on the heath.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ringing 23/5/15

Fairly quiet ringing session this morning numbers wise, as expected for the time of year but a nice selection of species none the less.  With twenty new birds rung, including both Green & Goldfinch and Great spot and Pied wagtail alongside Chiffchaff & Blackcap the highlights.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Herons & Egrets

Spent yesterday afternoon ringing Grey Heron and Little Egrets, from a local colony, always great fun with these prehistoric looking creatures!

Despite being Shat & Regurgitated on, can really never get enough of these little fellows.

Keep a look out for these colour ringed birds please.

Grey Herons are never to happy being plucked from there nest.

My list of regurgitated items in the face is coming on nicely now, with goldfish to add onto last years crayfish!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Mayesbrook Raptor Fest!

Rainham was absolutely dead all weekend!  Despite me adding two ticks (Sanderling alongside 3 Dunlin on Saturday) and a single Jay (not common here) along the seawall (migrant?) on Sunday, it was really terrible considering we were entering the third week of may!  What has happened to our wader passage this year????

Anyway, Sunday was a bit of a raptor fest in the south east, with many reports of Red Kite and Buzzard moving.  I decided to venture to Mayesbrook Park, which is just a few minutes walk from home.  In less than twenty minutes I managed to pick up a very high Red kite heading north, patch tick and long overdue, as only been watching the park for 28 years!  Two Buzzards an hour apart were probably only 2nd & 3rd records.

Crows always the good giveaway!